The 2023 race will be held Oct. 21, 2023 at Murphy-Hanrehan Park.

This is a suburban course through a beautiful park. All races are on trails with two miles of single track, although the south end of the course runs like a single track due to the horses. All races will start at 15501 Murphy Lake Blvd, Savage, MN. 

These events are to be competitive and fun. They will be official races, however most of the prizes and awards will be for costumes to go along with the Halloween theme.

Course Information

Course Description
The course has a mixture of rolling hills, wooded trails, prairie and even a beaver dam (very Minnesotan)! Difficulty rating: 3, Terrain rating: 3.


Marking of the course will be on the left as usual and described by the race director on race day. Please be sure to watch for flags to stay on course. No off trail running, no exceptions!

Each loop is 16.7 miles. The 25K will be one loop, the marathon will be one loop with 9.5 miles of additional trail, the 50K will be two loops, and the 50 mile will be three loops.

Flashlights and/or headlamps will be needed at the beginning and sometimes end of the race, don’t forget your batteries!

No throwing trash on the trails! This is a great park and we have had amazing cooperation from park staff. Please be respectful of the public space as we all are during runs!

Road Crossings
You will have to cross and run along a public gravel road twice per lap. Be careful to look both ways as we will not have anyone watching traffic for you. This is a regularly used road!

There are domestic and wild animals in the park. You may need to share the trail with horses (watch for droppings). Coyotes, large owls, turkeys, eagles, large woodpeckers, deer, skunk, ground hogs, turtles, there has been one report of a cougar. No bears have been reported…


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